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Family law and estate planning may be the focus at Adam S. Lutzke Law Offices, but the law firm also offers several other legal services. Additional practice areas include collections and other small or large claim matters. Whether you are a debtor, creditor, have been wronged, or have been sued, you can benefit from Adam’s in-depth legal advice, as well as his proactive representation style. He understands the stressful nature of collection and other claim matters and is thus dedicated to resolving these cases in an expedited manner. Look to Adam S. Lutzke Law Offices for adept handling of all legal matters involving collections and other small or large claims.


The collection process is a huge hassle for both debtors and creditors. No matter which side of the collections ordeal you find yourself, you are surely eager to bring your current situation to a close. Respected collections lawyer Adam S. Lutzke is eager to resolve your current legal concerns. He has handled complex collections cases on behalf of both debtors and creditors. As in family law matters, his goal is always to foster a spirit of cooperation while also advocating zealously for his clients. He provides representation through all phases of the collection process, including initial demands, courtroom visits, and judgment collection. No two cases are exactly alike so Adam emphasizes personalized solutions.


Reliable Representation at Adam S. Lutzke Law Offices

Adam is a versatile lawyer with a vast breadth of legal knowledge. His impressive knowledge extends to such important practice areas as collections and landlord-tenant law, which require not only a thorough understanding of local regulations, but also well-developed negotiation skills. Some disputes can be resolved through informal negotiations while others require litigation; however, in both circumstances, Adam’s services can pave the path to a favorable case resolution.

Reach out to Adam S. Lutzke Law Offices to learn more about the various legal services offered at the respected Indianapolis law firm.

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